Italtel’s lecture at University of Pavia

Communication specialist

Monday 18th December 2017 – Italtel presents its view on Network Transformation in a lecture of the course “Internet and Multimedia” for the Degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at University of Pavia (Italy).

The lecture on “Network Transformation through softwarization and 5G” held by Paolo Comi (see picture), Research and Innovation Manager, and Paolo Crosta, Head of Project Financing, addresses the key elements of current telecommunication networks transformation with a particular focus on softwarization, according to ETSI NFV (Network Function Virtualization), and on the 5G new architectural approach.

Students have been accompanied in the journey of the evolution of telecommunication networks from the basic people communication to the multimedia pervasive people and things communication envisioned in the fifth generation of mobile networks: the 5G.

The industrial perspective provided by Italtel aims at complementing the academic education program by providing topics and industrial approach to the actual implementation of the network evolution. The focus NFV as key element of network softwarization describes both in theory and in practice how the functionalities are provided and developed in the innovative networks.

Besides technical aspects the network transformation involves a radical transformation of processes, operations, and in general soft-skills required to the future engineers.

Italtel is active in research with several national and EC projects.
Among them SESAME, 5G-City, 5G-ESSENCE, and MATILDA are part of 5G-PPP phase 2 initiative.