5G-ready applications and network services over sliced programmable infrastructure


The vision of MATILDA is to design and implement a holistic 5G end-to-end services operational framework tackling the lifecycle of design, development and orchestration of 5G-ready applications and 5G network services over programmable infrastructure, following a unified programmability model and a set of control abstractions.
  • Partners
    CNIT (IT), Atos (ES), Ericsson (IT), Intrasoft (LU), Cosmote (GR), Orange Romania (RO), Comm4Innov (FR), Ubitech (GR), Internet Institute (SI), Incelligent (GR), Suite5 (IE), NCSRD (GR), University of Bristol (UK), Aalto University (FI), University of Piraeus (GR), Italtel (IT), BIBA (DE), ExxpertSystems (DE)
  • Call
    ICT-08-2017 "5G PPP Convergent Technologies"
  • Duration
    30 months
  • Overall budget
ITL Leaderships
  • T1.7 – Supported Verticals, Use Cases and Acceptance Criteria
  • T6.5 – High Resolution Media on Demand Vertical
ITL Technical Contributions
  • Marketplace and Function Store
  • Monitoring, Data Fusion and Analytics
  • Network Orchestration and slicing
  • Transcoder Function
  • Hardware Acceleration
Main Objectives
  • Network-aware applications and their Orchestration over dynamically created network slices
  • Open-source development and application/services composition
  • VNF marketplace
  • Runtime policies enforcement, data monitoring, fusion and analysis and a context awareness
  • engine