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    Industry 4.0

    The fourth industrial revolution requires research in many fields such as IIoT, cyberphysical systems, big data, machine learning, as well as wellbeing at work. In our vision the key is in integration and interoperability of diverse technologies and organization models

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    Cyber Security

    The demand of cyber security services is constantly increasing and it is complicated by the big amount of connected devices. Holistic, open and extensible framework for technology and best practices is a our approach from research to innovation

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    Big Data and AI

    Big amount of data is available and dynamically generated by mobile and IoT devices. Research in Artificial Intelligence will enable extracting meaningful information from big and sometimes corrupted data

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    Design solutions for remote healthcare and age-related problems in mobility and smart living environment for a better quality of life in the growing silver economy market. Improve human interaction and easy communication between patient and healthcare professionals

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    Blockchain is a promising technology with many fields of application. Pragmatic research and actual experimentation in both controlled and hostile environment are necessary for actually adoption of this technology

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    Fifth Generation cellular (5G) network will redesign the way to access and use services. We believe mobile edge and fog computing will be key technologies for providing secure and reliable services with high SLA/QoE


La sede centrale di Italtel e gran parte dei laboratori di Ricerca e Sviluppo si trovano a Settimo Milanese (Milano).

Oltre 1300 persone in tutto il mondo, di cui 1100 in Italia. Il 39% dei dipendenti italiani è dedicato alle attività di ricerca e sviluppo.

Gli impianti di prova coprono un’area di oltre 3.000 metri quadrati in un frame multi-vendor e consentono di testare qualsiasi soluzione nel dominio di rete.


Cloud Computing HW-SW accelerators Edge/Fog computing NFV/SDN IoT/M2M Web-based communication Big data analytics AI/Machine learning Cyber security Telco services and applications


Workpackage and Task Leader Technical Manager Innovation Manager System design System Integration and Validation Software Developmentand Testing HW design Market and business analysis Continuous Integration methodologies and tools


Demo Center with Telepresence Rooms Test Lab NOC and SOC (24/7) Thermal and anechoic chambers

Competence center


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L’elaborazione dei dati si sposta dal cloud all’edge

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