High Efficiency 4-terminal bifacial solar cell technology for 'utility scale'


Photovoltaic from utility scale plants is already at grid parity in many countries in the world, producing numerous opportunities for the industrial growth. BEST4U aims to find solutions to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic modules above 25%, and to improve the bifaciality through the concept of 4 terminals photovoltaic modules. The cells and the 4T modules can be considered as an alternative to the tandem photovoltaic cells, with the advantage to overcome the limitation of the lattice parameter matching, as well as the current matching. Another purpose of BEST4U is the fabrication of a cell/module with 4 terminals, having a bifacial heterojunction cell as bottom cell and a wide bandgap semiconductor cell as top cell, with an efficiency larger than 25% in standard conditions.

  • Partners
    3SUN S.r.l - Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche- Università degli Studi di PERUGIA - Università degli Studi di PADOVA - Università degli Studi di CATANIA -APPLIED MATERIALS ITALIA SRL -Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi S.c.a.r.l. (DTS) – Università degli Studi di MILANO-BICOCCA - Università degli Studi di TORINO
  • Call
  • Duration
    36 months
  • Overall budget
    9,5 M€
Italtel ICT System Architecture
Main objectives of the project:
  1. Realize a 4-terminal cell that will also operate in double-sided mode, with an efficiency in standard conditions greater than 25%.
  2. Create a 4-terminal module that also operates in double-sided mode, with an efficiency in standard conditions greater than 20%.
  3. Realization of a double-sided photovoltaic field demonstrator of size between 2 and 10 kWp optimized for the exploitation of the ground albedo with materials for surface treatments characterized by optimal albedo.
  4. Realize a predictive model for the evaluation of the energy LCOE
ITL Leadership

T5.8 «Development of the photovoltaic field data collection and monitoring system»

Italtel contribution:

Development of an ICT system for collecting and monitoring data from the photovoltaic field of interest for the project, useful for optimal management of positioning and verification of correct energy functioning. This system will provide data management functions and the values ​​obtained from the processed data, possibly in an aggregated and correlated form, will be made usable both by operators and by any higher level systems.