Circular economy made effective

Tracking and tracing materials from production to end of life and start again

How brilliant ideas can overcome the Valley of Death

Valley of death
It’s a common experience that many brilliant ideas and promising technologies die in the Valley of...

Moving data processing from the cloud to the edge

BRAINE edge computing
The collection of large amounts of data originating from a device, their immediate processing, and t...

Edge computing and 5G networks

5G edge computing
Edge Computing and 5G are closely correlated technologies, the integration of which will allow the u...

BRAINE project – official kick off event

big data edge computing
The BRAINE project started on 1st May 2020 and it was officially kicked off from 12 to 14 May during...

Valencia: EuCNC 2019

EuCNC 2019 “Enabling Smart Connectivity” is the 28th edition of a conference dedicated to teleco...

Smart Roads and bridge monitoring

critical infrastructures monitoring
The Smart Road project favors road mobility by performing a significant programmatic action aimed at...

How it is shaping futuristic critical infrastructures monitoring

critical infrastructures monitoring
Italtel to discuss how it is shaping futuristic critical infrastructures monitoring at the Global In...