Big data pRocessing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge


By lowering the barriers for utilising edge computing for artificial intelligence applications, BRAINE will open the door for European SMEs to leverage state of the art technologies, driving their development and growth as industry leaders in their sectors. The BRAINE project’s overall aim is to boost the development of the Edge framework and, specifically, energy efficient hardware and AI empowered software systems, capable of processing Big Data at the Edge, supporting security, data privacy and sovereignty.
  • Partners
    Italy (CNIT, Wind Tre, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italtel), Poland (IS-Wireless), Denmark (Comcores), The Netherlands (HIRO-MicroDatacenters, Eindhoven University of Technology, Helder-ID, Synano), Israel (Mellanox Technologies), Ireland (EMC Information Systems (DELL), University College Cork), Hungary (PCB Design, Budapest University), Germany (NEC Laboratories Europe, Leibniz Universität Hannover, eccenca GmbH, Infineon AG), France (Secure-IC, Sma-rty), Slovakia (IMC- Industrial Management Consult), Bulgaria (VMware Bulgaria), Switzerland (JJcool), Finland (MarshallAI), and Czech Republic (Czech Technical University Prague, Factorio Solutions)
  • Duration
    36 months
  • Overall budget
    16.3 M€
EC infrastructure

Devising an EC infrastructure that offers control, computing, acceleration, storage, and 5G networking at the Edge and excels in scalability, agility, security, data privacy, and data sovereignty in Big Data and AI for low latency and mission-critical applications

Edge security framework

Developing a future-proof Edge security framework and associated infrastructure. based on the latest software and hardware security technologies

Distributed and partly-autonomous system

Developing a distributed and partly-autonomous system that takes data privacy and sovereignty into account on each and every decision regarding workload placement, data transfer, and computation, while guaranteeing interoperability with the environment

Edge MicroDataCenter

Developing a heterogeneous, energy efficient Edge MicroDataCenter, suitable for stationed, mobile, and embedded autonomous applications, that goes beyond the current hardware and software architectures and offers Big Data processing and AI capabilities at the Edge


Testing and demonstrating the effectiveness and generality of the BRAINE approach by evaluating multiple real-world use cases and scenarios that exhibit the required scalability, security, efficiency, agility, and flexibility concerns