MobileCloud Networking


MobileCloud is Mobile Network + Decentralised Computing + Smart Storage offered as One Service – OnDemand, Elastic and Pay-As-You-Go. The top-level objectives of the MobileCloud project are: (a) to develop a novel mobile “network” architecture and technologies, using proof-of-concept prototypes, to lead the way from current mobile networks to a fully cloud-based mobile communication system; (b) to extend cloud computing so as to support on-demand and elastic provisioning of novel mobile services.
  • Partners
    Italtel, SAP (DE), France Telecom (FR), Telecom Italia (IT), Portugal Telecom Inovacao (PT), NEC EUROPE (UK), Intel (IE), Cloudsigma (CH), NextWorks (IT), Soft Telecom (ES), ONE SOURCE (PT), Universiteit Twente (NL), Technische Universitaet Berlin (DE), Inov (PT), Universitaet Bern (CH), ZHAW (CH), Fraunhofer (DE)
  • Call
    FP7-ICT-2011-8 - Future Networks
  • Duration
    42 months
  • Overall budget
    15,5 M€
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ITL Leaderships
  • System Architecture
  • Mobile Platform
ITL Technical Contributions
  • OpenStack
  • XaaS
  • Sysyem Integration