Rich Environment-Appliance and fog Computing platform for internet of Things Optimizer Real time


The objective of the RE-ACTOR project is to create an application ICT platform aimed at providing IoT services, implementing business logic and virtuous algorithms capable of optimizing, improving, reducing the necessary resources, increasing usability and business opportunities possible, for solutions aimed at Smart Cities and Smart Communities.

The project will include the development of smart applications in the single advanced IoT platform in different application sectors, determining the following use cases:

Energy and Environment

  • Waste management services
  • Additional services for environmental monitoring

Mobility and Transportation

  • Smart parking

Monitoring and security of the territory

  • Video surveillance
  • Fire monitoring
  • Underpass monitoring

Smart Factory

  • Access control
  • Management of the corporate environment
  • Industrial manufacturing management

The ultimate goal is to set up a living lab, for all interested stakeholders, with all the elements of the system, from the ICT center to the connected devices/sensors, for experimentation and use of the system in all relevant contexts from it developed.
  • Call
    “Major R&D Projects – PON 2014/2020” – Digital Agenda or Sustainable Industry
  • Duration
    33 months
  • Overall budget
    12.6 M€
ITL Leaderships:

Only participiant

ITL Contributi Tecnici:
  • Italtel IoXpert framework for Edge and Fog Computing endorsed solutions
  • Collaboration with municipal companies AMAP (PA), RAP (PA), Municipality of Carini and Civil protection

Italtel, together with the Smart Cities solutions, provides the following services:

  • Vertical and geographical scalability of the system: you can start with a PoC (experimental phase) up to the system ready to meet the customer’s requirements
  • Field experience based: boasts of the collaboration of specific stakeholders as a precious resource for the realization of almost all the use cases developed by Italtel
  • Identification and choice of sensors: all the sensors involved were selected, tested and used in the field by Italtel in collaboration with an expert
  • Ability to customize software for the customer: where the solution does not cover some aspects expected by the customer
  • Project coordination: in order to provide the end-to-end solution
  • Evaluating customer devices and their connectivity status as part of the solution
  • Post-sales assistance & training
  • Ability to interface with the ecosystem of suppliers involved in the solution
Main objectives

Italtel in the context of a smart city as a service supplier has strategically developed the ICT platform which has been implemented with the participation, suggestions and expertise of various stakeholders, acquiring their actual needs and then transforming them into real IoT services. The two macro objectives involved:

  1. The creation of the platform for endorsed Edge and Fog Computing solutions. Developed with the microservices technique; it is based on a proprietary framework that allows the development of secure, scalable and reliable applications, with the different applications of each sector that can mutually exchange data and significant events, expanding the computational and decision-making capabilities of the individual components.
  2. The development of a wide range of use cases, in emerging sectors for IoT and Smart City (Energy and Environment, Industry 4.0, Mobility and Transport, Territory Monitoring and Security): smart parking, water management, waste management, infomobility, access control of company areas, fire monitoring, underpass control.

In the project, a fundamental role was played by the stakeholders, such as the Municipality of Carini (PA), the RAP for the Waste Collection and Environmental Hygiene services of the municipality of Palermo, the AMAP municipal aqueduct company of Palermo and the Civil Protection with expertise for effective solutions of IoT and SCC who have made a significant contribution in the environments of their competence.